Hector is a very nice minotaur. Minotaurs in general aren’t man eaters or monsters, but the one of Greek legend really ruined it for all the rest (if only his mother had taught him some manners). Hector is the love child of a youthful fling between a dairy girl and a bovine deity. The romance didn’t last, as is usual with such divine relationships, but Hector’s mother loved her child very much and made sure he was brought up properly. He was well educated, learned good work ethics, and excellent table manners. After leaving home he traveled the world trying to find his place. For several years he was a very popular luchador in Mexican wrestling, but he tired of the drama of being El Toro Magnífico and retired. He then realized his life needed to be spent helping others. Now he spends his days working for various humanitarian causes and as a spokesperson for his mother’s organic dairy business.

Hector was created for the Plushteam Mythology challenge.